About Us

Mercantile Network is a full-service financial company that works with individuals and businesses. For many years, we have helped clients obtain the financial status that they set out to achieve. With the right minds put together, anything is possible. If you lack knowledge of finances, you can use our expertise to guide you. Our professionals are experts in a variety of financial services that include:

  • Debt management
  • Debt consolidation
  • Mortgage loans
  • Payday loans
  • Credit counseling
  • Auto insurance

If you need to get your financial life back on track or would like to purchase a new home, we can help you get the funding you need to make that happen.

Management of Your Finances

One of our top services includes debt and wealth management. This consists of assisting clients with their financial situation. If you are currently in too much debt, we can counsel you on how to get out. Our debt management service can also be used, which will give us the authorization to contact creditors on your behalf to negotiate lowering your monthly payments and interest rates. Or if you want to just wipe out all of your debts at once, we can determine if you qualify for a debt consolidation loan. With this option, you’ll only be responsible for paying off one loan, instead of multiple creditor accounts.

If you own a business and would like to maintain the wealth and/or grow it, our wealth management service can be used. This will ensure that your capital doesn’t plummet and continuously grows. Our experts will use a variety of methods to ensure that your company’s capital doesn’t diminish to the point of bankruptcy. Our financial advisors will guide you through a process that will teach you how to sustain equal levels of working capital, current assets and liabilities.


Mercantile Network can also provide you with funding assistance for emergencies, large purchases and personal reasons. In the event of an emergency, you can obtain a payday loan that will allow you to get funding the same day. You won’t have to repay the loan until your next pay day. This is ideal for folks who need to handle a surprise bill that can’t wait until payday.

Mortgage loans and refinance loans are available to qualifying consumers. If you’re planning to buy a home, you can work with our financial advisors to help you obtain one. If your credit is too bad, you can use our debt management service to raise your credit score and improve your chances of getting approval for the loan you need.

Auto Insurance

Driving with a great auto insurance policy gives you the peace of mind that you’re covered no matter what happens on the road. We will go over available auto insurance policies, laying out the terms and informing you of your best options. If you’re worried about being covered in a collision with an uninsured driver or having enough coverage to pay for your totaled vehicle, we will help you to get the coverage you desire at a price that’s affordable for you.